Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Michael Choy, R.I.P.

Comment of the day goes to Liberty Scott.  According to the Parole Board, the country's youngest killer, Bailey Junior Kurariki -- the murderer in cold blood of Michael Choy -- "is an articulate, intelligent young man, who appears genuine in his desire to live an offence-free life."

"Bit late isn't it," says Scott.


  1. As I understand it, the situation is all rather academic anyway, as the chap has to be released in September...(and theoretically can tell the Parole Board and anyone else to get knotted if he so wished).

    As they have no intention of releasing him during the next 6 months they are merely going through the motions.

  2. That's nice. Bailey has a life. It's not a just punishment for an evil act of brutality. Michael Choy's family has been destroyed. Choy's father was a well-known doctor in Papakura, and the murder has injured the whole community. Kuariki is a filthy life form.


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