Tuesday, 18 March 2008

'The Foundation for Economic Growth'

A friend spotted a  website for an interesting looking local group advocating economic freedom for New Zealand -- rare enough these days -- about whom neither of us could establish anything except that they looked interesting, they promote the urgency of economic freedom for New Zealand, and one of Muldoon's former cabinet ministers appears to have his name on the masthead.

That last point is bizarre, but doesn't seem to affect the writing at the Foundation for Economic Growth website.  This, for example is commendably clear-sighted:

If we look back at the Muldoon era we can see very clearly that he had this bent towards socialism and towards the end of his command and control reign he had instituted a price freeze, a wage freeze and interest rate freeze. He found that he couldn’t control everything as he had thought and ended up in a position of running the country into the ground and then trying to stop everything in its tracks till he solved the problems. Just like Russia, or North Korea.

Clear enough.  No problems there.  And no problems with this record below of New Zealand's place in the world over the last hundred or so years, or their general remedy: more freedomnew-zealand-economy-s

So, anyone know much about the Foundation for Economic Growth?

NB: Just to create a bit of mischief, could I point readers to a wee story at the Mises Institute site asking 'What's Wrong with Economic Growth?'


  1. richard mcgrath18 Mar 2008, 20:59:00

    There is a very illuminating correspondence between Phil Scott and the semi-literate Lianne Dalziel on that website. She reveals herself as a hopeless brainwashed communist.

  2. richard mcgrath18 Mar 2008, 21:13:00

    Whoops, apologies and retraction - the semi-literate Labourite was Dianne Yates

  3. Oh that is alright, Richard...Lianne Dalziel is illiterate and communist, too


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