Friday, 22 February 2008

Why good people don't stand for council

Aaron inadvertently demonstrates the reason [hat tip Mulholland Drive]:

   We had a meeting of the Hobson Community Board meeting last night.  The two biggest items on the agenda were the community opposition to Waiata Reserve playground, and also the responses to the interest over providing a public toilet in the Little Rangitoto Reserve.

Click here to find "some good news also regarding a public toilet for families at Little Rangitoto Reserve."  It just doesn't get better than this, does it. 

PC's Special Tip: Those on pills for sleep deprivation should consider enrolling for a council sinecure at the next local body elections.


  1. It wouldn't work PC - the sheer stupidity of the meetings would raise any intelligent person’s blood pressure sooooo high that they wouldn't sleep for weeks and so then die.

  2. poor Aaron got shafted by the old citrat guys - they gave him nothing but local toilets. You've got to be 60 before they think you're old enough

  3. Stop beating up on the Citrat oldies, they need public conveniences every couple hundred metres, the bladder control an’t what it used to be.

    And stop upsetting the neighbours - there won’t be any shafting at the Little Rangitoto toilets - Aaron will make sure there is CCTV.

    Add in a goldfish pond and you’ve got Shangri-La.

  4. Whattdya mean there won't be any shaft action at the Wee Rangi-two-toes potty. CCTV be damned. The Citrat's can sell the CCTV footage (and it'd better be at least a foot) on the web.

  5. I hate to be standing up for the indefensible here but Aaron has a very important job and it's women who suffer.

    Living in Asia where public toilets mostly consist of a squat toilet with no paper, one should NEVER underestimate good public toilets.

    Men don't understand but as a woman NOTHING is worse than being caught short in the wilderness needing a number 1 or 2.


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