Monday, 18 February 2008

Mohammed Idol

mohammed_cartoon In solidarity with the brave Danish cartoonists and publishers of the Mohammed cartoons who have elected to republish them "as a nose-thumb against the plotters and the unspeakable wannabe tyranny they represent," and with the Danish Prime Minister who has so staunchly defended their republication with the telling remark that "in Denmark, we have freedom not only to think and talk, but also to draw," SOLO has announced the Mohammed Idol competition: your images of the "prophet" Mohammed, to be judged in various categories such as,

  • Most Humorous,
  • Best Political Satire,
  • Best Swimsuit,
  • Best Image in a Compromising Position, and
  • the Grand Prix: Image Most Likely To Get You Killed.

The winner is promised 72 virgins, gender of choice, in THIS life.  Do be careful what you wish for.

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