Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Lykes House - Frank Lloyd Wright

The Lykes House was the last to come from Frank Lloyd Wright's hand: he died in April 1959 just two weeks after sketching out the basic form of this desert house wrapped around a mountain . He was ninety-two.
The drawings and the 1994 renovations were completed by Wright apprentice John Rattenbury.


  1. Wow, that's really beautiful - even if from some angles it does look like a WWII gun emplacement fortification!

  2. My father was the contractor who built this house. my grandfather built the furniture for it all of the cabinets and the staircase going up to the office the couches and allot more. my brother and i both also helped to build it. My father also built 2 other Frank Lloyd Wright homes along with building Mrs Wright cottage at Taliesin west. i worked at Taliesin west during the sumer for 2 years. Arnie Van Duzee, father Hap Van Duzee


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