Thursday, 28 February 2008

Libz on Campus on campus

LibzOnCampusAK I spent a couple of hours this morning helping out Daniel Aguila (pictured) down at Libz on Campus's Auckland University Orientation Week table.  Talked to about a hundred people without even one serious argument.

Orientation at Auckland isn't what it was.  I didn't even see anyone drinking.  Except me.

Unlike some other campuses around the country (for which Pacific Empire has a decent round-up), Auckland's campus is dead.  Most of the people on campus this week are either paid to be there (every major bank and computer company has a stand to sign up new customers) or are there because God told them to be (there are at least half-a dozen Christian clubs seeking new souls, most of them looking very well resourced). Hell, no other political parties even had a stand on campus -- no Young Nats, no ACT on Campus, no official state-worshippers whatsoever, although I'm told Hard Labour were there briefly yesterday avo without attracting much support.

Turns out after talking to a few students about this that with electronic enrolment these days most of Auckland Uni's actual students elect not to show up until next week, using this last week to earn a little more before money before lectures begin.  Makes sense really.  Even with the relatively low key Orientation however interest in the World's Smallest Political Quiz from those there was as high as ever, with most students predictably scoring in the 'left-liberal' category.

So to get to my point -- and yes, I do have one -- if you're at any tertiary institute around the country and you want to get involved in Libz on Campus, then give Daniel, Phil, Ben and co a shout at, and get involved.  With the plans being put together for Election O8, it's going to be an exciting year!

Join Libz on Campus. As their slogan says: They're not Left or Right.  They're Better!

UPDATE 1: Libz on Campus will be back on campus at Auckland next Tuesday for Clubs Day.  If you'd like to help out email Daniel  at

UPDATE 2:  Since we're talking to students, here's something we could be talking to students about: An Open Letter to Students--Will "Atlas Shrugged" Change Your Life Forever?


  1. I hate to burst your bubble peter, but O week is NEXT week at auckland.

    Which might explain the lack of, well anything apart from the evangelists.

  2. Hahaha. Well that would certainly explain all the tumbleweed around the place.

    Nothing like a good dress rehearsal, eh. :-)

    Although it looks like there are two Orientation weeks: one run by the faculties and uni, and one or two by AUSA.

    Confusing, no?

  3. I asked my daughter about this - her and her friends are interested in politics - and she said that too many people get carried away and are generally rabid -- this puts the girls off joining anything.

    Plus the guys are generally uncool.

    Sounds like your crowd? Never!

  4. yep, I generally find the Libertarianz an uncool bunch

  5. I think ANY political group is uncool Other Anon.

    My daughter will vote for the first time this year, so it's interesting.

    Now if Libz had an orator like Barack she would vote for them!

  6. Daniel Aguilar28 Feb 2008, 23:21:00

    Orientation week was meant to be this week and lectures start next week and i am sure that is when the rest of the political clubs will set up, when everyone will turn up. I'll set up a stall tomorrow Friday as well.

  7. Was everybody suitably impressed by your drinking PC?

    Anytime somebody dare suggest the libz come off as amateurs gets ripped a new asshole, so you can all keep your suggestions to yourselves. I actually think that well below the margin of error is the best place for Perigo et al.

  8. Gee craig, if anyone ripped your arsehole off there'd be nothing left of you.


  9. You know your having the desired effect when you get abused anonymously.

    Most Libz I know are a pretty cool bunch - me included :o) PC has his moments of uncoolness, but we'll forgive him as the girls seem to like him (for some unknown reason).

    As for anonymous' daughter being put off because of the rabid politicos. Good grief aren't today's youth lacking any spine? In my day all the girls at uni got right in on the arguments (in class, or out of class) and loved it. Maybe she should go to hairdressing school?

    I'd like to think that by the end of the current intake of students time at uni, they would grow into strong young men and women, but given the standards at uni now, I doubt it.

  10. LGM: Thanks for proving my point :)

  11. Craig

    I merely pointed out an uncomfortable fact about you.

    Seriously, if you want to post contributions, why not post something of substance? In this instance all you did was post an insult, for which you received one in return. Now you squeal about it. Try posting something of value and substance next time (if indeed you are capable of the task).



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