Monday, 18 February 2008

Fonterra fallout

With Fonterra's reform plan 'dead in the water,' dairy farmers and commenters such as the bloggers at The SubStandard demonstrate today they understand nothing about either international trade, innovation or capital markets. Meanwhile, in commenting on the whole affair and on dairy farmers' irrational favouring of real estate over innovation, Bernard Hickey shows he knows an awful lot -- particularly about "NZ investors addicted to mediocrity."


  1. couldn't agree more.

  2. Oh, no! The Libertarianz are criticising my economic analysis. Next it will be Social credit saying I don't understand money supply.

    Incidentally, when you guys donated $5617.63 to the free speech coalition, were you emptying out your campaign fund? Will you be competing this year's election? Aiming to break the 1000 vote mark this time?

    Steve Pierson

  3. The SubStandard bites back, earning its name.


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