Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The Great Minto Lawn Squat

Since John Minto doesn't appreciate the property rights he's blessed with, The Whig suggests we go squat on 'his' lawn in Ethel St, Balmoral in order that he might begin to understand the blessings of secure property rights he seems so eager to spurn.  Seems fair enough to me. After all, it's only a stone's thrown from the streets in which he and his goons used to block traffic in 1981.

"Remember, it's not John's lawn, it's the people's lawn!" says The Whig, At least it is according to John.  Let's give him an enlightening educational experience about the usefulness of the secure property rights he's so eager to disparage.

Sign up for the experience at The Whig's weblog.

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha..what a splendid idea!

    As with all left wing extremists he would engage in their favourite activity...namely hypocrisy.

    After 1981 he is against the Police...so, what do you think he would immediately do if someone started to urinate on his lawn? yes! you guessed it! dial 111

    He is against property rights...except for his own, naturally


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