Saturday, 19 January 2008

Beer O'Clock: He'Brew -- The Chosen Beer

Here's something we haven't seen before: Jewish beer.  Specifically He'Brew: The Chosen Beer, along with as many bad puns and Jewish double-entendres as you could poke a matzoh ball at, starting with ...


Schmaltz Brewery's He'Brew beer, "conceived in San Francisco and brewed in New York," has now gone to eleven--which means all the way up, they say--with a selection of beers including Genesis Ale (their first creation, natch) and the Messiah Bold (the beer you've all been waiting for); the Jewbelation and the Miraculous Jewbilation -- and of course the Bittersweet (the beer brewed to commemorate Patron Rabbi Lenny Bruce). 

This is a brewing company that promises everything from Creation to Evolution, from Revelation to Inebriation.  In other words, the works!  I have no idea at all what the beer tastes like, although Rate Beer rates the new Jewbilation Eleven--"the most extreme Chanukah beer ever created"--very highly, and as marketing goes this stuff sure tickles the funny bone.

If you do nothing else, check out the brewery's Video Schtick.

L'Chaim!  To Life!


  1. Heres another brew that should cheer you up, given your love of beer and hatred of religion.

    Utah based Wasatch Brewing's Polygamy Porter and its unique motto

    Polygamy Porter

  2. I love the concept Peter. Don't fancy my chances of finding a bottle in Christchurch though.

    Mark Hubbard


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