Saturday, 15 December 2007

Youngest one-year-old

It's been one whole year since the world's youngest libertarian started blogging, and one year later he's still going -- and still the world's youngest libertarian!  It's frightening to think where young Callum is going to be in a few year's time, but it's sure going to be exciting to watch. 

To celebrate his blogday, he's begun to repost his series on skyscrapers.  Excellent choice.  And well done, young man.


  1. Yes, well done to Callum.

    He writes a number of articles which are worth reading, albeit a little naively giving credit to Socalists at times due to his age, and he always makes a very valuable contribution.

    Cannot wait to read his writing from the second year of the Libertarian Front.

  2. Elijah, when do I "give credit to Socialists at times"?

    Anyway, lets all hope the second year of "The Libertarian Front" will be even better than the first. :-)


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