Tuesday, 4 December 2007

World chucking record

Normally here at Not PC I like to celebrate achievement; I like to praise heroes. So in the normal course of events when a bloke knocks off Shane Warne's record-breaking achievements to take the record for the number of batsmen dismissed in world cricket, a record that's unlikely to be challenged any time soon, that should be a chance to praise the world's most successful bowler -- a guy South Africa's Daryl Cullinan says, "was the only bowler I faced where you felt he could get you out every single ball."

Except he's not, is he. That is to say, he's not really a bowler. As English fans like to sing when he steps up to deliver the ball: "Throw, throw, throw the ball, gently down the seam, Murali, Murali, Murali, Murali chucks it like a dream." For the non-cricket readers, what this means is that in cricket the bowler is required to use a straight arm in his delivery of the ball, whereas what Murali does is ... something different.

That said, Warne himself is on record as saying Murali's not a chucker. Case closed?


  1. I have no idea whether he throws or not, but what you said is not correct.

    It is a throw if he straightens the arm immediately prior to delivering the ball. If the arm stays bent or straightens after the ball has left the hand then it's not a throw.

    The photos you posted just don't prove anything either way.

  2. Law 24.3 states: "A ball is fairly delivered . . . if, once the bowler's arm has reached the level of the shoulder in the delivery swing, the elbow joint is not straightened partially or completely from that point until the ball has left the hand."

  3. You can deliver with a bent arm, but can't straighten the elbow in the delivery action once the arm is over the height of the shoulder.

    Murali has a deformity (since birth) which prevents his arm straigtening. And he has an amazingly double-jointed wrist which provides the massive spin.

    The bio-mechanics experts have cleared him - twice. Only two Australian umpires have called him for chucking - and everyone knows Aussie Umpires are either cheats or child molesters.

  4. You are wrong Peter. As long as the arm doesn't straighten, his action is legal.

    And Murali has proven that he can bowl without straightening his arm:

    "Murali took his test in England. Convinced of the legitimacy of his action but aware that it looked dubious to the naked eye, he said he was willing to undertake any relevant and objective experiment that might help to prove he bowled within the laws of the game. Specifically, he was prepared to put his elbow in a brace so that it could not straighten unduly at delivery. He knew it was not enough to satisfy scientists behind closed doors. He realised he needed to convince punters in the stands and the game, in whose record books his name took a prominent position.

    Rest of the article here:

    Now if you were to argue that a disproportionate number of his wickets came against weak batting sides like Zimbabawe and Bangladesh that would be another matter.

    But that ain't his fault. That's the fault of the administrators of the game.

    Robert Winefield

  5. That's interesting. He has what some would call a deformity or handicap, yet it lends him a tremendous advantage.

    Some years ago there was a pilot whose lack of legs was thought to give him an advatage in high-G flight regimes. There are many other examples of handicaps providing some advantages. It seems that variety and differences are to be encouraged instead of stamped away and exterminated by regulation!


  6. What makes Muli a great bowler is the mesmerising control he has and variety he gets from wrist and fingers. These are not diminished by the debate around the elbow but unfortunately are often forgotten.

    It was the same attributes that made Warne the great great bowler he was. Still think he retired to early.


  7. Murali is advantaged by a deformatiy that allows him to blow as others can't.As a leg spinner myself and probably the best NZ's ever produced (no lie,I am that good) I can vouch for the fact he is not "chucking" the ball....wheather its a bowl is another matter....but I think not....its a matter of fact and fact aligning.

    I still think Warne is the "legit " item...

  8. That should be "fate and fact" aligning...

  9. James

    “As a leg spinner myself and probably the best NZ's ever produced (no lie,I am that good)…”

    I’m not sure if that is any sort of qualification at all given the “quality” of leg spinners we produce. You can’t seriously be claiming greaterness than Aucklan icon Brook “the ghost who” Walker? Unless you are the ghost of Clarrie….


  10. Educate yourself on the matter. It's a shame you fall prey to conspiracy theories when you look beyond the fact that your own countrymen (Western Australian Bio Mechanic experts)cleared him.




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