Thursday, 13 December 2007

Sunset - Fred Stevens, StudioNZ


Here's where I'm going to be for a few days over Christmas -- sipping martinis while watching sunsets exactly like this one over ... well, now that would be telling, wouldn't it.

I can't wait.

The photo is by Fred Stevens, from StudioNZ.

Beautiful, isn't it.


  1. You ought to ban comments from this post. Some of us know you spend your New Year's periods on alternate coasts at roughly the same latitude and can work out which venue it is this year from your mention of sunset.

    And don't forget that you're hosting drinks on Friday 21st (or we could do 22nd if you like) for a no doubt jet-lagged reader who will have just arrived from London by way of Hong Kong and Sydney. Someone mention a Cresswell-made Martini?

  2. PS F!k that's pretty - I can't wait to come home.


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