Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Still in search of a purpose?

A few months back I agreed with Gonzo calling Facebook "a tool without a purpose."  So how come I've now got a Facebook site or page or whatever it's called? 

Answer in one word:  Curiosity.  I kept hearing about and getting messages inviting me to stuff on Facebook, for which I needed an account or site or whatever it's called, so I figured I'd check my inclination that it's a pointless time waster against the empirical evidence to see if it proved otherwise.  I figured that (within reason) I'll simply press 'yes' rather than 'no' when things come my way -- as they were in increasing amounts -- and see where that leads me.  I figured that might even help me determine whether it's a purposeless tool, a tool with a purpose, or simply a new means by which tools can amuse each other.   

I guess I'll find out.  If you're so inclined and you're of a mind to find my page or site or whatever it's called, then I'm sure you know how to go about such things.


  1. I give it 10 minutes before a post about Zombie attacks.

  2. Don't load crap applications but you may want to join certain groups. Rediscover Romantic Realism (or words to that effect) turned out to be very anti-Ayn Rand!

    Funnily enough, I just surfed here from Facebook. Before I joined in August, Not PC was always my first port of call.

    I use it to get in touch with old friends now I'm in London - rather than try to swap phone numbers you can say "Facebook me" as you run (barge) to catch the tube.

  3. Keep it simple. Avoid all the puerile poking/biting/infecting apps and you'll find it very useful.

    I found that personal email dried up to near-zero by July 07 and all I was received was facebook invites and notfications. Everyone has left the email space.

    On the topic of web2.0, try
    It is the most flexible and easily customized information aggregator out there.

    Best web2.0:
    netvibes, facebook, delicious.

  4. Facebook is just Bebo for grown-ups I believe. Watch out your Mum doesn't start spying on you.

    The internet is turning us into perpetual adolescents.

  5. On the topic of web2.0

    Web 2.0, what's that? Whether it is web 2.0 or web xxx, it is all bullshit. It is a hype term. I often heard companies trying to market themselves as web 2.0 compliant? Hello, there is no standard for such thing as web 2.0, as in IEEE committee for web 2.0 or web xxx, etc. This term was dreamt up by web developers to market what they do.


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