Monday, 3 December 2007

"No one lives who insults the prophet."

Peaceful Muslims are out on the streets again observes the New York Daily News:
Like the avengers who vowed death to novelist Salman Rushdie for his affront to Islam, like those who slew Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh for his, like the mobs who ran mindless riot across Europe in protest of cartoons they deemed offensive to their prophet, now tens of thousands of Sudanese Muslims are demanding the execution by firing squad of British schoolteacher Gillian Gibbons, who made the mistake of letting her 7-year-old charges name a teddy bear Muhammed.
Al Jazeera reports that hundreds of protesters marched through the Sudanese capital Khartoum demanding death for the British school teacher "convicted of insulting Islam," chanting "No one lives who insults the prophet." Said one of those demonstrating in support of his stinking sub-human superstition, "It is a premeditated action, and this unbeliever thinks that she can fool us? What she did requires her life to be taken."

This is of course just a fortnight after a Saudi woman was sentenced to 90 lashes for the "crime" of being gang raped (and a further 110 lashes for complaining), and just weeks after Iranian officials confirmed that their Islamic state upholds the death penalty for homosexuals.

All hail this religion of peace.

And can't you just feel the silence from the liberal left ... it's a silence that's almost palpable.

UPDATE: Elan Journo argues that this attitude of half-arsed appeasement of evil is the very reason Pakistan is now in turmoil -- Washington blinded itself to the "creeping Talibanization of Pakistan" he says, all the while insisting that "we needed Pakistan as an ally, and that the alternatives to Gen. Musharraf's military dictatorship were far worse."

If the administration was right about that (which is doubtful), we could have had an alliance with Pakistan under only one condition--treating this supposedly lesser of two evils as, indeed, evil.

As with all such appeasement, the result is the strengthening of the enemy and an increased danger to the freer world, potentially leaving the Islamists with, as Journo points out, "a new staging area in Pakistan from which to plot attacks on us (perhaps, one day, with Pakistani nukes)."

It doesn't get much more frightening than that. Read Journo's complete piece here.


  1. Help Gillian (and dice with Death) .. get a cute teddy!

  2. Although the islamic law in Saudi Arabia is nothing short of disgusting, you have to admit that Gillians was stupid if she thought she could call a teddy bear Muhamadd, and get away with it.

  3. ...actually Mohammed is an extremely common first name for Moslem men so it would be an easy mistake to make.

  4. AngloAmerican

    Yes, it would seem so. And if it wasn't this mistake there is always the risk of making some other "error" and "insulting" the local religious.

    I know several men called Mohammed. Some of them are religious. Those guys get really angry if you so much as doubt the religion, let alone criticise it. No jokes for believers.

    I reckon if you'd been in the Sudan for a while you'd have to be aware that many of the local people are violent barbarians. You'd be living on a knife edge; a risky existence especially as an outsider. And for a white woman... well there are better and saner places she could choose to spend her time, surely? Oh well, lesson learned and at least she didn't get a good taste of 40 lashes to her bare hide- back, breasts and buttocks. At her age it'd be damn near a death sentance.

    "No one lives who insults the prophet".


  5. Anonymous, she didn't name the teddy bear. A boy in the class she was teaching did, because it was his name - the rest voted to agree. Her great crime was to let children do this.

    State aid to Sudan should cease, given this, Darfur and its Islamism.

  6. Just for the record - I'm a Lefty, and I say screw Islam (and the other religions).

    Perhaps I should take my uni magazine writing on these subjects to my blog...


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