Monday, 3 December 2007

In the dock

Mallard goes where all MPs should be: in the dock.

Story here. [Pic courtesy Kiwiblog]


  1. "I just say that with something like this, I think everyone in public life – whether they are media personalities or a politician or whoever – we're all vulnerable to someone deciding they will try a private prosecution and I think that is an issue of some concern,"

    Is this implying that she who must be obeyed, thinks that politicians should not be accountable in the courts?

    Has Helen been watching how Mugabe and company are immune from their courts?

  2. "The Duck in the Dock".

    Sounds like a children's book.

  3. RR, I put a comment about that over in No Minister.
    It sure sounds ominous.
    Hypothetical--if Clark refused to hold an election and declared herself El Presidente for life on NZ, exactly what could anybody do about it?

  4. kg, knowing the average New-Zealander, not much.


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