Thursday, 6 December 2007

'Gobhai Mountain Lodge' - Nari Gandhi

This was architect Nari Gandhi's first project after returning to India in 1964, a jewel-like exercise in geometry, siting and simplicity. Featured in this month's 'Friends of Kebyar' magazine, editor Michael Hawker explains, the design responds to specific conditions of the site.

Roof beams are set at 30-degrees while roof panels are perpendicular to the walls, setting up dynamic rhythm inside, while the two geometries themselves develop from the nature of the two distant views, the Rajmachi hilltop Fort and the Valvan Lake below, which the verandahs overlook. The roof on the east face is "pressed down" to redirect the air flow of the prevailing southwest winds.


  1. Great, I go to the doctor, I see houses like that in Home and Garden. I walk home I see infill housing and garage on lawn.

  2. That's a beautiful house. It has an eary resemblance to some of Frank Lloyd Wright, in particular the floor plan. Those triangular geometries in the plan can be found in a lot FLW's built work.

    There's something about that stone and that broad roof that makes the house appealing.


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