Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Giz a job

I wood lyke to applie for the job as minister of ejukayshun az, eye undastand here Chris karters job might be up for grabs' coz he kant spell proper like me

eye have a good guvamint skool ejukayshun an passed all my exams an left skool last week.
i am 25 yearz old.

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Blogger KG said...

Dear 25 yearz old;
Thank you for your application but we feel that you may be somewhat over-qualified for the advertised position.
However, should you be unfortunate enough to acquire a frontal lobotomy sometime in the near future we would encourage you to apply for the forthcoming vacancy of Minister for Finance.
Sincerely, Annette King. (Minister for whatever remains to be screwed up)

4 Dec 2007, 21:43:00  

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