Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Elrod House - John Lautner


John Lautner's Elrod House -- on the edge of a rocky ridge in Palm Springs, Nevada, looking westwards to Mount San Jacinto and north into Palm Springs.

Extra marks for anyone who can name the movie in which it famously starred...32743_2_df1e169266_p elrod1

UPDATE: And the answer is ... 'Diamonds are Forever':


  1. That was jimmy Dean's character's (the faux Howard Hughes) house outside "Las Vegas" in Diamonds Are Forever, where Sean Connery tussles wit Bambi and Thumoper before dunking them in the pool.

  2. Darn--I thought it was "Zabriskie Point".
    (before your time, PC)

  3. Looks like a splendid house...gosh...what a lovely view!

  4. Palm Springs, California?

  5. Yep, Palm Springs, California.

    Well spotted Bulb. Take a bow. :-)

    Tough luck KG. I know the house you mean -- it was modelled after the house in North by Northwest, I think.

    And the buggers had to go and blow it up.

  6. Looks a bit like the topside complex in The Island

  7. Did they actually blow it up? Really?
    Bloody vandals.


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