Friday, 28 December 2007

Elections 2008

Oswald managed to snare a copy of next year's election ballot paper, as authorised by Helen Clark's chief of staff (and snaffled by ZenTiger).


  1. Most amusing...and something I would not put past them, alas.

    I imagine Helen must look at John Howard and think "what a pussy" ..and she has no intention of repeating his demise.

  2. "We have done extensive research and we believe this is what the public are demanding", said Helen Clark from her bunker last Tuesday.

    "I'm particularly pleased with our new 'auto-subscribe' option that revolutionizes voting and makes it affordable (time wise) for the masses, proving once again NZ Labour has the interests of the less fortunate in mind." Helen added.

    "And based on our surveys, we know exactly who the less fortunate are.



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