Friday, 21 December 2007

Christmas message from Frank Lloyd Wright

This is probably one of the last remaining posts here at Not PC for the year, so it's probably a good time to wish all of you a great Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year -- that is, every single one of you who doesn't wish increased state bullying upon me and mine and on the rest of the populace of New Zealand who remains here.  Just a small number of you, then.

So as the offices here at Not PC Towers begin to shut down for the holidays, I really do want to re-post architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s poetic message on “man the enlightened being” which he used to send out at Christmas time. “The herd disappears and reappears," says Wright's message, "but the sovereignty of the individual persists.”

Literature tells about man. Architecture presents him. The Architecture that our man of Democracy needs and prophecies is bound to be different from that of the common or conditioned man of any other socialized system of belief. As never before, this new Free-Man’s Architecture will present him by being true to his own nature in all such expressions. This aim becomes natural to him in his Art as it once was in his Religion.
With renewed vision, the modern man will use the new tools Science lavishes upon him (even before he is ready for them) to enlarge his field of action by reducing his fetters to exterior controls, especially those of organized Authority, publicity, or political expediency. He will use his new tools to develop his own Art and Religion as the means to keep him free, as himself. Therefore this democratic man’s environment, like his mind, will never be style-ized. When and wherever he builds he will not consent to be boxed. He will himself have his style...
Read on here: Man, the Enlightened Being by Frank Lloyd Wright, and have a great individualistic holiday season.  And remember this useful advice about responsible holiday drinking: Try to schedule responsibly so you get it all done before lunch.


  1. Great message indeed.

    Wishing you a great Xmas & New Year Peter, and thanks for all the posts. Always valuable.

    'Best of Led Zeppelin' on its way to you, and some holiday reading, 'Landmarks of Hippie Excellence.'

    - Sam

  2. And to you, Sam.

    Although if you thought you could take advantage of my having already left to foist your unwanted goods on me, I'm afraid you're very much mistaken.

    Perhaps the City Mission could finds a good home for your Led Zep collection?


  3. Thanks for all the enlightening and entertaining posts this year Peter. Your posts are always thought provoking and good value. Here's wishing a very Merry Christmas to you and yours this Saturnalia.

    Merry Christmas to the other commenters on this blog too. It would be boring if everybody thought the same, so best wishes to all whatever your political, racial, economic or religious persuasions. I've enjoyed the dialogues and rants.


  4. Yes, best wishes to all the regular chaps on ...and also to the new chums.

    Hope you all enjoy a splendid holiday season of alcohol, food, tobacco...and general excess.

    I realise the socialists amongst you will be horrified at the suggestion of "excess" ...(the key thing they are actually against) miss out and we Capitalists will engage in excess on a daily basis and therefore gain all the joy and happiness from life! ...("More fool you", in other words)

    Peter...I absolutely LOVE your weblog..gosh...such a splendid part of the interweb.

    Sam...lovely to see you online again...(Led Zep is not quite my cup of tea, either, but I know some working class chaps who enjoy that sort of thing)

    Oh, and Peter, I am "" ..I owed you for the takeaway food last Friday, but was waiting for my new visa to arrive in the post before I could send it back to you.
    Hope your holiday is splendid! cannot wait to see your photographs!


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