Friday, 28 December 2007

Best of NOT PC in 2007

Rather than nominate my own Best Post of 2007, I'm following the lead of the SubStandard and inviting you lot to nominate your favourite Not PC post of the past year. Just leave a note in the comments section below, if you'd be so kind. I'd love to know what you've enjoyed most, and why.

UPDATE: Just noticed the SubStandard boasting that since its August start, it's gone from tens to hundred and now "thousands" of readers ever day. Thousands? Really? With an Alexs rating of just 533,395 that puts it above Jordan Carter's pathetic rating of 989,176, but well below this blog's 345,207 -- which I'm happy to say attracts on average just over a thousand a day when it's properly in business. That's a single thousand, not several thousand. (Some comparative ratings are here.)

So the SubStandard is not just substandard, it's also prone to boastful lies -- just like the politicians on whose behalf the SubStandard so regularly lies.


  1. My favourite was the comparison between 2007 and 1957.

    Just splendid!

    I also enjoy (as you know) reading your architecture posts, but difficult to chose a favourite.

  2. Anything on global warming. The social democrats love it too much. David Parker & Michael Cullen looking pretty pleased with themselves

    Compare what Cullen says, in effect that computer modeling is now fact, to what a real climate scientist has got to say.

  3. I think you mean 'Alexa'?
    As much as I hate 'The Standard', Alexa rankings are only representations of how many people with the Alexa software installed visit a certain site, therefore it only provides a general relative outline of traffic. Hey, but don't let the facts get in the way of a bit of infantile name calling, you big stud you!

  4. I've loved ALL your art posts. In 2007, I especially enjoyed Cezanne's "Pigeon Tower at Bellevue." (I love all the post-impressionists). A great, brief, concise summary encapsulating his essence and spirit. Well done!

    Kudos also to all posts and links to Mike Newberry for his instructions in art appreciation. Humble thanks from a grateful student. Cheers!

  5. Thanks for the helpful comments. Glad you enjoy the art posts Phil -- they get so few comments, I've often wondered whether they're noticed or not. V. pleased to hear they are. :-)


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