Friday, 2 November 2007

Watch out, there are feverishly deluded about

Crikey: "The Objectivists are coming"! Stand clear. Warning, warning:
They are not objective at all, and as you're reading the post, don't forget that these extremists have hundreds of supporters in New Zealand. Many of whom who have a lot of money to publicise the cause...
Quick, man the barricades, stand by to repel boarders, splice the mainbrace ....



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disclaimers on SOLO aside, when a site is called Sense of Life OBJECTIVISTS, one would expect most of the contributors to actually BE Objectivists. Otherwise I find it rather insulting and damaging to Rand...

(Remember how embarrassing a Mr P turned out to be? Don't let it happen again. Not for the same reason in this case, but shady and untruthful in other ways.) Delete this para if you want.

2 Nov 2007, 14:46:00  

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