Friday, 2 November 2007

Kyoto earthquake

At $10.5 billion, Japan's Kyoto bill is equivalent to their bill for the huge July 2007 earthquake -- but with a significantly worse economic effect.

Just thought you'd like to know.


  1. How about this as a campaign platform at the next Japanese election:

    "Vote for me. Instead of taking $10.5 billion and sending it to Russia and Britain as my opponent plans to do, I will put this back into Japanese healthcare, education, and roads."

  2. No one has answered who is paying for California's huge fires yet under the Kyoto protocol? Equivalent to 400,000 cars a year??

  3. richard mcgrath3 Nov 2007, 09:14:00

    Matt - a better platform would be:

    "Vote for me. Instead of sending $10.5 billion to Russia and Britain I will abolish the income tax and privatise health and education."

  4. richard mcgrath3 Nov 2007, 09:16:00

    Kate - re the California fires: get Al Gore to send a bill (for the burnt carbon) to Greenpeace ~:)


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