Thursday, 4 October 2007

"What’s going on in National at the moment?" - Espiner

Colin Espiner is confused about National, and is asking for help:
But seriously, what’s going on in National at the moment? The party has gone from walking on air to flailing in quicksand within the space of ten days. Suddenly, National doesn’t seem to know what it stands for or what its policies and principles are. Key has gone from sure-footed and confident to bumbling, shifty, and evasive in a matter of days.
As someone once said, when you encounter an apparent contradiction, then it's time to check your premises.

I'd suggest Espiner and his press gallery colleagues would be far less confused about John Boy being bumbling, shifty, and evasive now if they hadn't previously been so eager to portray him as so sure-footed and so competent.

His limitations have been obvious enough to the rest of us for some time...


  1. Suddenly, National doesn’t seem to know what it stands for or what its policies and principles are.

    Suddently? What?

  2. Wasn't it that great National Party leader and philosopher, Jim Bolger who once explained that he had no principles when it came to politics? Guess that sums the National Party approach up right there. Some sizzle, but no steak.


  3. National is used to sleepwalking back to power after Labour has frightened the electorate away with radical policies - that National usually doesn't reverse.

  4. In an attempt to win over the swinging green and labour voters who are tired of the current regime, National have cunningly launched a campaign.

    Its called "getting in touch with your inner dork".

    Should be a winner at the polls...

  5. Over the last ten days, I presume Bill English has been on holiday?


  6. Wow, that Espiner fellow is really an astute political commenter, eh? Fancy him coming to the conclusion that National doesn’t seem to know what it stands for!

    Hilarious stuff! Where has this dickhead been for the last 20 years? Idiot.

    The only time National HAS had any idea at all what it stood for was a vague kind of 'excuse me, but...' from Don Brash - and look what happened to him for raising his head above the parapet of mediocrity and myopic self interest.

  7. I once had lunch with Jim Bolger on the island of Corregidor .... couldn't resist writing that. Hell of a nice chap though.

  8. richard mcgrath5 Oct 2007, 11:15:00

    Lindsay Perigo recalls a conversation with Jim Bolger where he (Lindsay) suggested policies should be based on core beliefs or principles - Bolger's one word reply was "Bullshit".

    Check out the interview Lindsay had with the late socialist Bruce Jesson where I found this reference:


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