Monday, 29 October 2007

The 'October' Revolution that wasn't

I missed my regular commemoration of the Bolshevik's 'October Revolution' last week, so let me remind you now that the Bolsheviks were pissweak, murdering liars, and invite you to read last year's explanation of why I say that, and Liberty Scott's recent revival of the commemoration tradition: Ninety Years On - Repent, Apologise and Be Wary.

UPDATE: Some former Octoberists need to apologise, says one former 'Cambridge Bolshevik' in The Times -- and many of course, still embracing the authoritarian urge, are are now warmists ...
"Bolshevism and the Russian revolution may have disintegrated in ruins but the generation that raised its toast in the direction of the Kremlin 40 years ago has triumphed. Leninism has been defeated almost everywhere in the world, but the postwar generation of baby boomers who went so far left in the 1960s now control this country’s leading institutions. Their taste for totalitarian simplicities and weakness for millenarian terrors has been digested into modern feminism, environmentalism and global warming. Many remain absolutely unrepentant about their past because they have been so successful in the present...

Much that I did in my youth can now make me shout aloud with shame; but not much is more mortifying than to think I once toasted mass murderers, torturers and totalitarian despots. How to explain it?
Read on. [Hat tip Marcus]

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  1. Yes, gosh, these brave, brave Bolsheviks.

    They were sooooooooooo brave they felt the need to brutally murder a 14 year old boy, Alexei, whom they considered (inexplicably) a threat to their regime!

    I am sure when the news of this disgusting, despicable atrocity was declared...Mrs Lenin said to Mr Lenin something along the lines of "Vladimir, you murder children in cold blood...gosh, if you were a 'man' I would divorce you!"


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