Saturday, 20 October 2007

Line of the Day: Greg O'Connor

Line of the day yesterday goes to Greg O'Connor from the Police Association, talking to Bill Ralston on Radio Live about all the knee-jerk "Maori are being attacked" crap spewing forth from people like Willie Jackson and Pita Sharples, who are essentially professional Maoris who see racism under every pin cushion, while the mote in their own eye blinds them to their own. Said Greg:
Being Maori isn't an occupation, it's a race.
Perfectly put.


  1. That's pretty obvious.

    If being Maori was an occupation. surely the government would be taxing it?

  2. Not necessarily. I stand corrected, but didn't Nanny Chadwick's anti-smoking ban exclude marae?

  3. Yes, I think the two exceptions were maraes and prisons.

    I will politely refrain from drawing any connection between the two.


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