Friday, 5 October 2007

Ill Blogging

Sorry everyone, I'm not feeling too well, so there's unlikely to be too much if any blogging today.

Feel free to go at it in the comments section.

Allez les noirs!

PS: You used to ring in sick; you can now text in sick; would this be a blogging in sick?
PPS: Although, personally, I'll be doing whisky and hot lemon, I can promise you a Beer O'Clock post later.
PPPS: Feel free to send me any guest posts you think need flying up the flag. If they look any better than half-decent, I'll give them an airing.
PPPPS: If you're in need of a rational fix, you could do a lot worse than head over to the 12th Objectivist blog carnival and check out some of the posts....


  1. Alas! I always find if I'm home sick in bed, the ol' laptop is a welcome companion to waste a bit of time and keep your mind off the head cold. Excellent time to be blogging/commenting... In any case, feel better!


  2. Thanks mate. Hard to be coherent when you're not well -- although I can hear you saying, "That doesn't normally stop him."


  3. As long as there's still Beer O'Clock... I mean, it's not like you need to do anything there, other than insert references to pantomime donkeys!

  4. Order in a spicy Penang curry for dinner.

  5. I'll be drinking one to your health pc!


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