Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Global warming: Kids' stuff

Two new books on global warming have been written just for kids, reports Steven Milloy.
One [he says] is designed to reduce anxiety among children; the other is designed to heighten it. So which is better? That depends on how you like your facts — right or wrong.
See his review of both books here at Junk Science.

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Anonymous DenMT said...

The review had precious little to offer as to the actual content of the books, focusing on the accuracy of the facts used instead (fair enough I guess...)

I found it interesting that following the link to the store where the skeptic book is sold, the blurb proclaims the book is "apolitical," following this a few sentences below with:

"Holly Fretwell brings real credentials to the debate, giving kids the scoop, not just about global warming, but the real-world consequences of the Left's responses to it."

I don't know how many "kids 9-12" have a good handle on whe 'the Left' even are, let alone what sinister controls they are trying to sneak in under the banner of environmentalism, but God am I glad that some brave soul is pointing it out for them. Apolitically, of course...

I also dug Milloy's heart-string tug at the end of his review, decrying the "intellectual and emotional child abuse committed by climate alarmists." Hyperbole much?


10/02/2007 12:32:00 pm  
Anonymous lgm said...


Continually telling children that the sky-is-falling due to climate change and that they are doomed is abuse. I, for one, am tired of having to explain to scared children that what they are seeing on TV and what their teachers are telling them at school is empty BS. Then, of course, one gets the f-wit teachers phoning up to argue. I tell them I have no time for them and they should get stuffed. I usually tell kids what I think of teacher antics and that they can quote me on the subject.

Point is, scaring the crap out of little kids by filling their heads with such uitter nonsense is child abuse. The purveyors of climate porn should be lynched for doing it.

As is well said, "Leave us kids alone."


10/02/2007 02:16:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My kids are more scared by my indoctrination of them with Dr Who episodes


10/02/2007 05:14:00 pm  
Anonymous BANKER said...


You like to scare children? Why so?


10/02/2007 06:15:00 pm  
Blogger Ronny said...

Today global warming news is very danger news for earth life. Now this global warming issues takes big picture for this world. Now we are aware about this issue.

10/03/2007 11:45:00 pm  

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