Thursday, 4 October 2007

Cox and Forkum are bowing out

Oh no! Cartoonists Cox and Forkum are bowing out. Allen Forkum explains some of his reasons in this interview. Nick Provenzo says it for me:
...when Cox and Forkum arrived upon the cartooning scene, [for] the first time in my adult life, there were editorial cartoons that defended my values—and did so with intelligence and aplomb. In the time that the pair were active, Cox and Forkum's cartoons served as a brilliant and wholly original beacon of light in the dull gray world of American politics. They heaped criticism on those who deserved it. They stood up and fought for the good like few others. They, like their ubiquitous Uncle Sam character, beat the drum of freedom and American pride with a sharp mind and an obvious glad heart.
I'm sure I'm not the only one here who will want to wish them well for the future, but who is going to miss their sharp and incisive humour.

For those like me who will miss their Cox and Forkum fix, you might like to know that John Cox will be continuing to post his own art and cartoons over at his own site. Says he, "be assured.....I'm still kickin'. I've got lots to do here and you haven't seen NUTHIN' yet....."

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