Monday, 1 October 2007

Bulk-funding backdown shows bureaucracy-worship trumps principles

Another day, another backdown. Friday it was Health. Today it's Education: Promoting its policy of bulk funding schools last election, National said they trust schools to spend their budget as they see fit, without needing central government bureaucrats to dictate spending for them.

That was then. Now, with Katherine Rich's announcement that they've backed down on their bulk-funding policy, they've changed their mind on that: According to Labour-lite, schools do need central government bureaucrats to dictate to them.

And this is a party that claims to stand for maximum freedom and the avoidance of unnecessary controls?


  1. Yes, red & blue are so similar that NZ under Key may as well be under 'Locke & Key'.

    Hi, Big Govt! Have you met Big Govt?

  2. It was a real bummer that National had to lose its balls [Brash]

  3. It was a real bummer that National had to lose its balls..." and all it's left with is the ballsack.


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