Thursday, 25 October 2007

Bring back the biff!

Good to see two parliamentarians so serious about an issue that they came to blows.

Sadly, with so many other things about which to be serious, the issue was only Mallard's mistress -- but by all accounts at least a few decent blows were landed.

Bring back the biff! Bring back parliamentarians with the spirit of the great John Wilkes -- known as "the scandalous father of civil liberty" -- a man always willing to embrace liberty, and to employ pugilism in defence of his honour. He was famous for parliamentary exchanges such as the following:
LORD SANDWICH: You, sir, will die either on the gallows, or of the pox.
JOHN WILKES: That must depend on whether I embrace your lordship’s principles or your mistress.
He died in a duel. Something else some parliamentarians might like to emulate.


  1. "Mallard's mistress".

    Urrrgh. Lifelong celibacy would be welcome by comparison.

  2. Good to know they're both so out of condition that they couldn't knock each other out.

  3. Good? Pity, more like!

  4. I think Trevor deserves another trip for two to Valencia to help him de-stress. He and Brad Butterworth are the only New Zealanders with fond memories of that place.

    Trevor's been under enormous stress lately. Juggling a mistress and a wife, as well as maintaining several portfolios that the nasty opposition have taken him to town on, isn't easy.

    Poor Trevor. Nasty Tau should hang his head in shame for winding him up like that.

  5. Words failed him and he clenched his tiny fists and the rest is history.

    NZ would be a more polite place if more people were invited to step outside. But what do you expect in a country that is nannied to the extent that small country schools do not let the boys play rugby because it is a dangerous contact sport. The horror of it all.

  6. "Mallard's mistress".

    Urrrgh. Lifelong celibacy would be welcome by comparison.

    Which country has the most unattractive politicians? There should be a competition. I'm sure NZ would win hands down.

    And not just the pollies - the bloggers (conservative ones at any rate), would have to be optimistic on a dark night judging by the photos I have seen ;-)

  7. Anon

    Outting wonky pollies aside for a moment, it has to be said that most NZ women are bush pigs. I mean you really have to consider why it is that so many ugly women inhabit the place. And they sure dress to enhance that bush pig impression. Of course there are some Kiwi girls with reasonable appearance but they don't even try to dress well for the most part.

    As a departing ambassador once said, "New Zealand women, sexy like elephant."


  8. Let's see a photo of you LGM.

    Judging by the sheer volume of your comments on this blog, and the wordiness, rudeness, and general boringness of your diatribes, I would say you are very handsome.

  9. Dullard is (perhaps soon to be was) Minister Responsible for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Maybe he should be made Minister Responsible for Dealing With Wayne Barnes.

  10. Anonymous

    Ahhh, so you're one of the bush pigs eh? Try a coat of paint.


  11. Anon said : And not just the pollies - the bloggers (conservative ones at any rate), would have to be optimistic on a dark night judging by the photos I have seen ;-)

    Anon, if you have a brain like Einstein , filthy rich like Bill Gates and have a beautiful face as Angelina Jolie, then no one would argue with you about your comment. However, since you're commenting anonymously, it means only one thing, and that is , you're a bush pigs as LGM has just said.

  12. I thought anon's original comments were in a humourous vein. As I though were lgm's, anyhoo...

    We all know bloggers are comic-book-shop pie eaters, that or we all look like Brangelina, whatever, now far more interesting is the 'hottest politician'.

    I vote for Yulia Tymoshenko former PM of Ukraine.
    I can safely say that I have won.

  13. Greg

    Yes, you should have met her in the early '90s. She was a real stunner.

    Her father was a colonel. He died a while back and she had to fight to survive. The old guard commies put him in prison and were setting up to get her as well.

    BTW, she's very wealthy.



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