Friday, 12 October 2007

Beer O'Clock: Founder's Generation Ale

Another week on from BrewNZ, and our beer correspondent Stu from SOBA is still steering clear of the abundant supply of hoppy beers...

This week, after what we might call a pretty 'brown' week, I'm drinking Founder's Generation Ale, the only genuine commercially available brown ale in New Zealand that I'm aware of -- an English-style ale from a brewery that is far more well-known for their European-style lagers.

Generation Ale picked up a silver at BrewNZ, and in the hotly contested 'UK and European-style ales' section narrowly missed out in a tight battle for best in class. It pours a clear reddish-brown, a little short of what might be called chestnut, with an airy off-white foam. On the nose, as well as in the mouth, it's a delicious treat of toasty malt biscuits and a bowl of nuts (unsalted!). There's a reasonably firm but well-balanced bitterness, which means that unlike the All Blacks the beer doesn't fade in the second half.

Drink it a little warmer than your average beer to appreciate it's subtle nuances.

If you just can't hold yourself back from the old humulus lupus, or you're feeling a little hopless after a long week of mourning, then I suggest you pop down to your best local off-licence for a bottle of 2007-release Emerson's APA (see the 'Outlet' section at the brewery's great little website for locations). It's a very big pale ale chock full o' fresh hops, that is well backed up by the best malt character it's had in a couple of years.

Take a sip of either of these beers and remember: though we can't beat them in the big games, we still make better beer than our Gallic nemeses.

Slainte mhath, Stu


  1. Thank you Stu. I've not had founders beers for a long time, and now I think I'll revisit them. I need something to drink while brewing beers for the SOBA Homebrew Competition. :)



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