Monday, 15 October 2007

Bad taste TV ban

A TV station has been ordered off air for five hours for the crime of broadcasting viewers' texts that the Broadcasting Standards Authority considered violated "good taste and decency."

Alt TV, which one would hardly be watching in search of either good taste or decency, broadcast the text messages as part of its Waitangi Day 'Groove in the Park' programme, for which "crime" Stuff reports
the BSA has ordered Alt TV to refrain from broadcasting programmes between 12pm and 5pm this Labour Day and instead display a statement which summarises the Authority's decision and apologises to viewers. The BSA has also ordered Alt TV to pay the maximum award of costs to the Crown of $5,000.


  1. Great report guys, its great to see you really go the distance to find out the facts behind what are quite serious matters. I have seen this story reported by several other media outlets and this is by far the worst... Keep it up:)

  2. Oh woe is me. Perhaps AltTV should retain the services of democraticaly minded John Minto, seen this evening defending the BOP gunclub members.


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