Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Backside smacks more outrageous than armed attacks?

David Farrar points out the Greens' enthusiasm for the police coming down hard on parents for the serious crime of smacking a backside, but their outrage when the police investigate minor stuff like alleged firearm and terrorism offences.

Odd, don't you think.

David wonders about Green police priorities. I have to say, I wonder about Green priorities of any sort. It's often thought that the Greens primary interest is the environment, but this is hardly borne out by the interests of their spokesmen and women. Jeanette Fitzsimons aside, few if any of the the Greens' spokesmen or women seem to take any interest at all in the environment, and then only if it offers an opportunity to bash capitalism, industry or enterprise.

I posted a while back the results of a search on the Greens' site that showed their favourite word to be "ban," which appeared 165 times on their site. An overview of Green press releases (using their left column as the subject header) suggests ... well, you see what you think.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only person from the left side of the aisle who has shown zero tolerance for violence has been Bomber Bradbury.

The reaction from No Right Turn and others has been very disappointing.

31 Oct 2007, 13:45:00  
Anonymous Lance said...

Between 'righties' calling for a ban on 'gangs', and the 'lefties' offering creepy "unconditional" solidarity. Bomber has provided a shockingly reasonable voice.

31 Oct 2007, 22:33:00  
Blogger libertyscott said...

The truth is that so many on the left have anger issues - anger issues of the kind that cause them to cheer some violence, but be very reactive against other violence.

Don't forget most of the left are strong advocates of initiating force against others, they cheerlead violence, and excuse violence committed by those they sympathise with (e.g. unions, members of "oppressed" groups).

They are as guilty of hypocrisy on violence as conservatives are.

1 Nov 2007, 03:37:00  

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