Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Wake up New Zealand

New blog on the blogroll is Lance Davey's Back Off, "A temporary organization formed for the express purpose of uniting likeminded freedom lovers under one pro-freedom banner to march on parliament and deliver a message to the incumbent and future governments of New Zealand... One day, one protest, every freedom loving New Zealander, outside parliament, telling that bitch Nanny State to "Back Off!"

Commy Kids Commissar 'Surveillance' Cindy Kiro reminds us once again why such a march might be necessary. Head over to Back Off! and get involved. That's an order.

UPDATE: Lance has a downloadable flyer to copy, print and distribute. It's good, and it's here.


  1. Congratulations, Lance Davey. A blog that opens with the words of the late, lamented Bill Hicks gets the thumbs-up from this libertarian.

  2. Thanks Peter. The Back Off! campaign is gaining quite a bit of steam. Available on my SOLO blog or on the Back Off! Facebook group is a low res jpg of a flyer. If you want to help then download, print a couple of copies, distribute, then email it to others to do the same.
    For higher resolutions or the original .pub file email me at

  3. Peter these things are doomed to fail because the people involved are almost totally ignorant of Objectivism.

    It's very comforting to think people won't take part because they are morons, great unwashed, peasants or whatever -- but quite wrong. Rand was most popular with the 'great unwashed' or whatever you want to call the hard working man, as you know.

    An 'ethnic cleansing' is called for here, a la ARI or else you are not going to get anywhere in the next election. And *you* deserve to get a lot of votes.


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