Friday, 21 September 2007

Time for the grand coalition

Given the cross-party political love-fest over yesterday's plans to shackle industry and raise fuel and power prices in order to make political obeisances to Gaia (a cap-and-trade plan that will have absolutely no effect on climate but a big effect on the cost of doing business and of staying alive, and about which I commented yesterday) it's clear that only the thickness of a spin doctor's smile now separates Labour and Labour-Lite, and nothing now stands in the way of a grand coalition but ego.

Lance Davey hails the prospect of the imminent amalgamation of the two main parties "as a clarifying move that [is] logically inevitable."
It was a matter of recognising the obvious, really," National's John Key told journalists. "National has long accepted that the Welfare State is ingrained in the Kiwi psyche; Labour has learned that it cannot strangle the goose that lays golden eggs; we both believe in squeezing hard...

Clark said, "We're especially thrilled that the new party's name so accurately captures the essence of the old parties."
Head to Lance's press release to see the new name. It's obvious really.


  1. I am absolutely stunned by the degenerative developments taking place in our country's politics and general psyche.

    I heard a news report today that the Green Party is 'disappointed' that it will take 'so long' (2012) for the country's 'main polluters' to be penalised under the Helen's idiotic Carbon Trading scheme. Guess who the 'main polluter' is, in these madmen's minds? The AGRICULTURAL SECTOR!

    The New Zealand Agricultural sector, which produces FOOD in probably one of the most efficient and productive ways known to the planet at the present time is now denigrated, labelled and chastised as our "main polluter' in a crazy imaginary madcap scheme dreamed up by deluded psychopaths who hate progress, science, human endeavour and even, it seems, mankind itself.

    Worse.... the National Party has signed up to this absolute insanity lock, stock and barrel.

    I think I now know how many ordinary decent, educated and inteligent Germans must have felt in the 1930s as they watched the forces of delusional madness taking over their country.

    What is happening to this nation is, quite simply, unvelievable. It is as if the whole country wants to launch itself headlong into the nineteenth century. Except for in the blogosphere, and Leighton Smith and Lindsay Perigo (bless them), there is no voice raised against these idiotic ideas. None. Where are we going? What the fuck is happening here? Maybe its just a few bloggers and their commentors who are totally mad and everybody else is completely sane... I don't know any more.

  2. Excellent satire. I'm glad to read it just before it gets banned. Adds to the appreciation really.


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