Monday, 24 September 2007

Some questions after another great sporting weekend

Are all the Northern Hemisphere rugby teams just reluctant to show their moves before the Quarter Finals? Or are they just plain crap?

Wouldn't it be revolutionary if a team ran out with a plain single-coloured jersey with a simple white collar? There are plenty in the crowd that teams could borrow.

Wouldn't it be great if we had three locks, instead of just two.

Has Isaia Toeava been teaching Sitiveni Sivivatu how to catch?

How long since the All Blacks had a decent opponent? With the business end of the last four years now just a fortnight away, would you really call them match-fit?

On the other hand, is Doug Howlett back to his best?

Who else wants to see Nick Evans at full back and Mils at centre?

How good were Tonga! Exactly how deep is South African rugby strength?

How disappointing were Samoa. (But how good seeing Loki Crichton outkick Jonny Wilkinson.)

Here's a trifecta for next weekend: Fiji to beat Wales, Tonga to beat England, Argentina to beat Ireland and just two Six Nations teams to make it to the Quarter Finals. :-)

If that joyous state of affairs were to come true, then who exactly should be classified as "minnows"?

Is there anyone outside those Six Nations nations who won't be cheering for Tonga or Fiji or Argentina?

If Geelong beat North Melbourne by 106 points two weeks ago in that AFL Qualifying Final, and Port Adelaide beats North by 87 in Saturday's Preliminary Final, is that a guide to next weekend's Geelong-Port Final result? Or is the Catss one-point loss to Port in Round 21 last month a better guide?

Or do we just know this is going to be a damned good AFL Final?

Go the Cats!

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  1. How good were Tonga! Exactly how deep is South African rugby strength?

    Tonga nearly had a fluke. The lesson here for any team especially rugby heavyweight such as South Africa is complacency. The All Blacks has been caught by complacency in the past world cup campaigns that lead to their early exit.


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