Sunday, 2 September 2007

New Free Radical -- out soon!

Sorry not to have blogged this weekend; I"m afraid there's just been too many other things going on to have time.

I've spent most of the weekend putting the finishing touches to the latest Free Radical magazine, which should be at the printers very soon, and had two delightful evenings with friends -- martinis on Friday night, and a session last night watching Pavarotti in La Boheme and Domingo in Tosca.

So (with that preamble out of the way), here's the new Free Radical cover. All going well, subscribers should see it appearing in their letterboxes by the end of the week. Salut!

PS: If you subscribe now, you can be assured of your letterbox being in the first round of mailouts this week.


  1. Can't wait-I'm going to be in it!

  2. The graphiss, fonts and overall look of the cover look great... can't wait to get my copy.


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