Thursday, 27 September 2007

More voting advice on the local elections

Liberty Scott gives you the voting advice on local elections I failed to give you the other day, which is not a bad performance really, given that he's in the UK.

His advice largely centres around the buzzwords sustainability, communities, renewable, climate change, peak oil, free, partnership, accessibility, foreign buyers, and public ownership, and the frequency of a candidates' use of any or all of these buzzwords except as terms of derision. "In essence," he advises, "avoid anyone saying these things - they're after your money. When was the last time you saw a council candidate who said that if elected LESS would be done?"

I'd wager if you went through Andrew Falloon's convenient Election Links Site showing links to all known council candidate sites, you'd find very few promising less would be done under their stewardship, and you'll find yourself instead hip-deep in platitudes, buzzwords and empty promises.

But let me know if you find otherwise. Or, if you're one of the good guys, give yourself a plug in the comments. We'll know if you're faking it.


  1. My last paragraph: I will oppose any increase in additional spending by the
    council. Manukau City should get its core responsibilities right
    first: rubbish, rats, crime and roads. You can find more on the

  2. Somehow I think my idea of sustainability might be slightly different to that of the greens.


  3. Berend:
    Since when is crime a local authority responsibility? Ah so you'll grow council straight away there. How about those first AND last, and why do councils need to do rubbish anyway?

    Glad you'll oppose any increase in additional spending by the council Berend, I am guessing the words "support, encourage and invest" in your platform's leaflet is fiscally neutral?

    oh and btw Libertarianz DO get candidates to stand for local government, did last time and have this time. PC isn't a fan, and I sympathise with his reasons, but still think there is some value in doing so.

  4. "Since when is crime a local authority responsibility?

    Since central government abdicated that responsibility in the name of revenue collection. And in Manukau's case, since they depleted the area of cops. I don't have the stats, but I'll wager there's fewer cops in Manukau than any other major city in Australasia.

    I'm very keen to use my position to encourage business-sponsored volunteer security organisations if elected. They already have people doing this in West Auckland I believe.

    I intend to work very hard actually. I intend to work hard finding ways of laying off bureaucrats. I'll work hard to streamline Resource Consents to bare minimum compliance of the law. I'll probably work very hard looking at setting up those Consents Tribunals that PC was talking about.

    And then three years later when my work is done and the lefties have vilified me as a monster in the eyes of the populace of Auckland, I'll drive down to the Balmoral McDonalds at 3am and order a Quarter Pounder Meal, super-sized, with an extra patty and bacon :oP

  5. libertyscott, I didn't know a lib was standing in Wellington, just had to read that on your blog. I understood here that none did and that it was official libz policy, so apologies for not understanding the libz position.

    If crime is or is not a local government policy is not something that even objectivist theology has an answer for I believe. It depends. Citizens in Manukau like to be safe, and if central government cannot handle the issue, we will. You might not know we employed some libertarian (if I may use that word as a staunch conservative) techniques: we hired a private detective to gather evidence of tagging and handed that over to the police who has now apprehended 20 such persons. The advantage is that it frees the police from obtaining evidence, they just get an easy case.

    On fiscally neutral: yes. I will immediately leave the Peoples Choice ticket if we ever spend more than the rate of inflation. And we actually believe we can do better than that.

    Why do councils need to do rubbish? It's a responsibility handed to us by central government. The libz wait "until they can slay the beast wholesale", and that probably will happen after global warming actually shows up in the statistics.

    Liberty Scott, it's either we do it, or we get the hundreds of dollars and increases a year as some candidates are promising.

    And I suggest more libz are actually getting their hands dirty on actual politics. Might be enlightening.

    We from Peoples Choice always have open positions. And we welcome people from all parties.

  6. "I will oppose any increase in additional spending by the council." - bdb 27/9

    "I will immediately leave the Peoples Choice ticket if we ever spend more than the rate of inflation." - bdb 28/9

    Read my lips - no new taxes.

    You fucking conservatives - keeping spending at the outrageous levels they are at now is an easy option. You're basically saying, "we'll keep things going as they are now." What takes balls is identifying where you are going to make cuts and give a figure. (Ok for Libz it's circa 100%). So Blair - work out which bureaucrats you're going to fuck off and do it by lunch time - don't piss around for three years sending 'em packing.

    If the police aren't able to police Sth Akld properly they should get the funding they need to do so from central govt. We should not be creating some new council bureaucracy to do so since said bureaucracy is just another thing we willl have to do away with one day.


    PS Scott - I am in London now, living within cooee of Angel (Southgate Rd, near The Northgate). Text me on 077-9873-2260 and I'll call you back. Let's dominate up-inside of this biyatch like we did in Ponsonby that night.

  7. Andrew

    I guess you understand why conservatives are to be despised. Their actions are just as evil as the socialists they claim to oppose. Conservatives pretend they stand for freedom and self-responsibility, yet as soon as they gain power and authority, freedom and self-responsibility are the first things they suppress.

    The trouble with conservatives is moral. Firstly, they are deceptive about their own nature and what they intend to do. Secondly, they want to force all other people to submit to their instructions.

    Interestingly, conservatives lie about their own nature. They can't ever seem tell the truth. They never admit that they'll deliver yet more socialism; only differeing slightly in matters of style from the real socialists. Authoritarians all. At least the socialists don't lie about what they are and what they wish to achieve.


  8. Andrew and lgm, I really appreciate your insightful comments on local politics.

  9. Berend

    You're welcome.



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