Monday, 17 September 2007

The effects of global warming are already upon us

Looks like the effects of global warming are already upon us, and will soon hit the pockets of consumers and home-owners.

That is, despite there being at best only threadbare evidence of human effect on climate, and there being little evidence (if any) for the worldwide climate forecast to be catastrophic, we're already seen the all too real effect of global warming in legislation and regulation designed to limit human activity, and human industry -- and now something else is about to hit us both here in NZ, and worldwide.

The latest effect of the threadbare global warming bandwagon will be increased power and fuel prices (courtesy of the Clark Government's 'cap and trade' emissions scheme to be announced Thursday, probably to the applause of John Boy Key), and rapidly increasing worldwide food prices due in part to increasing demand from Asia and India, but also crucially because acreages normally used to produce food are being used instead to produce biofuels. Protests over rapidly rising pasta, baguette and tortilla prices have already been seen in Italy, France and Mexico respectively. As more than one British commentator has suggested, "The era of cheap food is over." If true, then we we have human-induced global warming hysteria to thank for it.

So, big and probably permanent price rises coming up then for power, for fuel and for food -- and, once the world's central bankers catch up, higher interest and mortgage prices to dampen down what they will no doubt be calling "inflation."

The effects of global warming are already upon us -- specifically, the effect of irrational behaviour in pursuit of a pathetic charade.

UPDATE 1: "Global warming is an entirely natural phenomenon and its effects can even be beneficial, according to two leading researchers." They "have looked at the work of more than 500 scientists and concluded that it is very doubtful that man-made global warming exists" and that GW itself is beneficial. Story here. [Hat tip Marcus.]

UPDATE 2: Meanwhile, while we can be assured that whatever Clark can do Key will do even wetter, The Observer has found a list of environmental and safety policies that Key's UK idol Wavy Davy Cameron is contemplating. These include:
  • Household recycling to become easier by making it mandatory for all new houses to be built on land-fill sites, thus cutting out the middle man. Rubbish simply to be tipped out of the back door or first-floor windows.
  • Anyone taking a long-haul flight must pay for two seats. The seat next to the passenger to be occupied by a tree, to be planted at the destination.
  • All cars to be edible and consumed at end of journey.
  • Carrot-and-stick approach to car pollution. Research into whether it's possible to come up with a car engine that runs on carrots and sticks.
  • Everyone to wear a permanent seatbelt, which they then attach to whatever motor vehicle they get into.
  • A height tax to encourage couples to have shorter children.
Expect to hear the more idiotic of these announced here soon.

UPDATE 3: Cameron's actual policies are even more absurd than the satire, if that's possible. [Hat tip No Minister].


  1. Channelling John Boy or Boy George?

    But seriously, I have been waiting for this. I've always thought that when environmentalism starts costing people notable money it would end real fast.

    This is going to backfire badly on the Greens - hopefully in time for the next election.

    Suspect Nats may let the game run for a bit - give them enough rope and all that.

  2. An opportunity arises to fight obesity too, with airlines charging passengers on weight basis

  3. I expect that New Zealanders will embrace these new taxes and imposts, just as they have with all the previous ones. Yes they'll moan a little (but quietly). In the main they'll take what they are served and pay and keep on paying. Good subjects one and all.

    The fun'll be in a few years time when the support for the new taxes grows to become entrenched. Then they'll demand that they be raised to keep New Zealand "clean and green". The result will be more people on welfare and subsidies of one sort or another. Here it comes, expect more impoverishment and lower standards of living.

    As was well written, "Democracy is when the people get what they want; good and hard."



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