Tuesday, 18 September 2007

EFB: Drown it.

I'm told Libz just got quite a long mention in Newstalk ZB's 9 O'Clock News about their Electoral Finance Bill submission with Colin Cross quoted saying the bill doesn't need watering down - it needs drowning.

The perfect one-liner.

UPDATE: David Farrar says, "I am hearing whispers from Parliament that Labour is 100% determined to get the Electoral Finance Bill passed into law."

It's becoming increasingly clear why they're so determined: at the next election the Labour Party intends to use the taxpayer as their personal cash machine, and the departments of state as their personal publicity departments -- meanwhile using the Electoral Finance Bill to ban criticism, and to muzzle anyone else doing very much electioneering at all. This, for instance:
Leaked draft documents reveal the extent to which Labour plans to campaign on the public purse. This campaign includes a script for call-takers at an 0800 phone line who will sing the praises of Labour's health policies.
It's hard to overstate how disgustingly cynical this is, more cynical even than introducing retrospective 'Get Out of Jail Free' legislation last year to head off Bernard Darnton's legal action over the pledge card outrage.

Even the normally state-worshipping Human Rights Commission told the Select Committee is against this outrageous assault on democracy,
the Bill will infringe certain human rights - most obviously freedom of expression but also the right of all citizens to participate in the election process. ...It is difficult to conceive of a greater limitation on freedom of speech than this.
You didn't think the HRC had the balls, did you.


  1. That's great. I missed Colin's bit; was incensed over the stupidity of the Retailers' Federation (or whatever they're called) spokesman in that same bulletin, who trotted out the inanity of the EFB being unacceptable "in its present form".

    Does that not exemplify the Kiwi malaise?

  2. Yep. Sure does.

    It's wrong to throttle me. So please do it gently.

  3. It's pretty funny really and exactly what Kiwis deserve. That and Helen winning the next election!

    But wouldn't it be good to have the moaners silenced for a third of the time! No talkback radio, no political commentatirs with their empty headed "analysis". Oh Helengrad, oh Helengrad, you keep the people silent,..

    Yup and don't think Key wouldn't try this on if he wasn't such a wus.


  4. "It's pretty funny really and exactly what Kiwis deserve."

    Not this Kiwi, LGM. Nor are my sides splitting.


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