Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Captain Umaga

Tana Umaga's book excerpt covering 'the O'Driscoll incident' and all the resulting spin and follow-up tells me that the 2005 All Blacks had a captain to be truly proud of, and the Lions didn't. As I said at the time.

If the All Blacks do lift the World Cup in a few weeks time, it will be in large part because he brought back to them the hard-arsed winning attitude that was pissed away under Taine and Mitch and Reuben.


  1. O'Driscoll comes across as a complete cry baby. "Not fair, you guys aren;t supposed to tackle us hard. boo hoo."


  2. Pity about O'D. I always fancied him, too. Besides, there's a blond French back I now have my eye on ...

    And I'd add Hart's name to Mitchell's. Never could understand his playing Cullen at wing and Wilson at fullback. Unlike others, I felt that we would be beaten in 99 and 03 - and yes, it is on record, you eye-rollers!

    In contrast, for the last couple of seasons I've thought that we would win this time. (That fab Springbok half-back, notwithstanding!).

  3. Wah wah wah, fuck both the whiny little bitch cry-babies as far as I'm concerned. Oh, nasty Alistair Campbell and the evil media said mean things about Saint Tana? Bad referees made calls that didn't go his way?

    The next time he feels like having a sooky (and ask people to pay good money to read it) he should remember Liberace's famous come-back when asked how he reacted to bad reviews:

    "I cried all the way to the bank."

  4. Actually, wasn't that tackle illegal?
    Only reason it wasn't a Burwood express pile-driver was becsue O'Driscoll 'turtled' at the last instant.


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