Thursday, 2 August 2007

Winston cozying up to murderers

Winston Peters is going in our name to a slave state run by murderers to see what "assistance" you and I can offer them. The man, as we know, is scum.

Asks Liberty Scott will he bring up the gulags with his North Korean hosts? Will he ask them about Camp 22? Will he "demand that their gulags be opened, and that North Korea stops imprisoning children and their parents for political crimes"? Could he spare just five minutes to watch this, and maybe begin to realise the true nature of his new-found friends?

Does he realise the very best assistance that could be offered North Koreans is the removal of their jailers? Does he know? Does he even care?

Or as Scott says, would he rather posture as "tough on crime" and concerned about child abuse in New Zealand, while cozying up overseas and in our name to a regime that abuses children and their parents directly and on a daily basis. The man is scum, and so too are the politicians who remain silent about him sucking up to murderers in our name.


  1. That Peters would undoubtedly explain his actions as 'raising awareness' (of what & to whom would be my response) is irrelevant.

    I watched that clip even though it was the last thing I wanted to do this afternoon. Yes, Scott. The silence from the usual finger-pointers *is* deafening.

    Koreans not black enough for you, Locke & Minto? Or is it a matter of not wanting to upset your blood-red mates at central committee in Pyongyang?

    A dollar each way wouldn't be far off it.

  2. I hear alot of news when my 5am radio alarm goes off. Naturally, much global news seems to emerge from that twilight state of unreality. This is one of stories that shoulcd have stayed in the fantasy realm!

    Is not Matai Peter's (isn't he now a Samoan chief) going as the Foreign Minister?? Is he not going as a representative of the Clark government. Why is he allowed to go?!
    Why do we cosy up to the ol' time 'reds' and scorn our cultural allies??

  3. "The man is scum, and so too are the politicians who remain silent about him sucking up to murderers in our name."
    Too bloody right!

  4. There's something going on here that I just don't understand. Why on earth would Peters have any business on behalf of our government with a shit hole like North Korea?

    I think he is actually carrying messages for someone like the USA.. kinda 'neutral party' diplomacy. The Americans talking via Peters as intermediary. Watch this space.

  5. richard mcgrath3 Aug 2007, 10:09:00

    It's actually better than we all realise. Winston is a suicide bomber, under mind control from Washington, and will hopefully be able to obtain an audience with The Great Leader before the Americans push the button.

  6. "I think he is actually carrying messages for someone like the USA.. kinda 'neutral party' diplomacy."
    No one in their right mind would trust Winston even to carry a piece of paper, would they, not unless it's a bar tab? And Condi is nothing if not a woman with a good mind.

  7. I can confirm that Mr. Peters is not carrying any message on behalf of my Department, unless it is a message from Condi Rice of the State Department.

  8. michael Fasher4 Aug 2007, 20:21:00

    dropping several tens of thousands of m16s into the prison camps sounds like a pretty good aid package

  9. PC

    You'd trust him with a beer tab?



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