Thursday, 16 August 2007

"Terrorism is Murder"

One hopeful note in Islamic Awareness Week is that there are quiet voices joining the brave and outspoken voices of the likes of former muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali and dissenting muslims Taslima Nasreen, Wafa Sultan, (see her interview on al Jazeera), Irshad Manji, Seyran Ates and Necla Kelek. Now, there's a musical protest from some 'moderate' musical dissenters:
A Pakistan-born British man and his two sons have done what a lot of people have long been demanding: They are Muslims declaring that those who use terror in the name of Islam are wrong. Waseem Mahmood and his two sons, Khurrum and Khaiyyam, have made this statement via a song and music video. It is called “Yeh Hum Naheen,” Urdu for “This is Not Us.” The lyrics say it all: “This story that is being spread in our names is a lie. … The name by which you know us we are not.”

Taking a page right out of the hugely successful all-star relief song “We are the World,” the song is performed by top young singers in Pakistan. Juxtaposed among the shots of the singers are ugly scenes and headlines about terrorism as well as heart-warming scenes of Pakistanis singing along … with passion.
There are also heartwarming graphics which affirm that "TERRORISM IS MURDER" and "SAY NO TO TERRORISM." You can see it here at YouTube: Yeh Hum Naheen-UK Single Video.

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