Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Sick socialist medicine

In a column appearing in the Orange County Register, Richard Ralston of Americans for Free Choice in Medicine points out 'What Michael Moore Left out of 'Sicko'." Gus van Horn (to whom goes the hat tip) enjoyed "the following knockout punch at the end":
...when Mr. Moore mentioned that "every industrial country" except the United States has adopted medical socialism, he did not mention why that means that we should. Many of those countries still have monarchies. Should the United States? Many of those countries have established state religions. Should the United States? Many of those countries have long waiting lists and severe rationing of health care.

Should the United States?
"That last question," says van Horn, "is the perfect rejoinder to Moore's variant of the argument from intimidation, in which he implies that socialism is, somehow, more enlightened than capitalism and that 'everyone else agrees with him." NZers who 'enjoy' long waiting lists and severe rationing of health care here might not be in the cheerleaders' van. Read on here for Moore of Ralston's commentary.

UPDATE: Libertarianz health deregulation spokeman Dr Richard McGrath points out that "More Socialism Won't Resuscitate Dying Health Industry."
"For seventy-plus years, we have had state interference in the practice of [NZ] health care," said Dr McGrath. "Where has it got us? We still have endless waiting lists and an overburdened, over-regulated workforce of demoralized health workers."

"The public hospital system is a disgrace," he added. "Socialism has nearly destroyed it. How much more evidence do we need before we accept that socialized medicine just does not work? Not only that, but it is also immoral, because it is bankrolled by money that is extorted from the productive, and rationed out as though it was a limited resource."

"Socialism is a cancer that has taken a heavy toll on the lives of New Zealanders," said Dr McGrath...


  1. Socialist vs Capitalist medicine:

    Which system provides most of our new drug treatments, professional practice, and medical hardware?

    The clue, if you can't guess it, is that NZ is better known for its dairy cows than its medicine...

  2. Can't believe noone elese commented on this!
    Must be happy with the current system... think I'll open a leech farm.

  3. The film's due for release here very shortly. Watch for the usual suspects to use it for their shameful collectivist propaganda - as if the waiting lists do not exist.


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