Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Racism in Outer-Roa

Another day of racism here in Outer-Roa.

A day in which people will continue to talk about a racist report prepared by a racist subcommittee about racism in Outer-Roa.

A day in which a racist supra-tribal leader will deliver a racist speech to a racist audience, amid revelations that he's a fully paid up member of the Racist Party which is intent on furthering a racist agenda.

And what do you think the racist leader will say today? He could follow Lindsay Perigo's suggestion and call for his subjects to put tribalism and racism behind them; to stop being losers demanding that others provide them with a living; to get a proper education, get a job, stop beating and killing their children, and stop living in the past and under the shadow of a self-inflicted chip on their shoulder.

Or he could make the call to further politicise racism, make demands for subsidised separatism, and to cement in for another generation a culture of grievance and entitlement.

Which path do you think Tainui's king will set out on today? Which path do you think he should set out on?

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