Monday, 27 August 2007

Not guilty by association

I haven't posted on the Clark Government's attacks on John Key, mostly because the attacks have avoided all the obvious targets, but one in particular has got up my nose: the guilt by association that is supposed to be engendered by Key being a director with architect Colin Leuschke in a company owning one Auckland building. Now Leuschke's architectural style isn't exactly my cup of tea, but if you visit his company's website and watch the slideshow(for which you'll need your 'Flash' switched on), you'll realise that association with him is nothing about which to be guilty.


  1. Having a go at Key is fair enough, and he'll be the better for it to have his "all things to all men" attitude exposed.. and where the attacks are dumb, as in the Leuscke and other similar attempts, then Labour looks pathetic, which is a good thing.


  2. Pete Hodgson says you should judge Key by the company he keeps. IF you want guilt by association isn’t Taito (he’s only guilty of working too hard for his constituents) Field accused of far worse offences than that architect, and while working as a member of the Labour Cabinet.


  3. Pete Hodgson says you should judge Key by the company he keeps

    Indeed. The Vile Appeaser has/had close associations with architects...even has some architect nothing sacred anymore?

    PC had better go have a lie down.


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