Friday, 31 August 2007

Muldoon comparison "unfair" - Perigo

Lindsay Perigo suggests this morning that Mike Moore's comparison of Helen Clark with Robert Muldoon is unfair. It's very unfair to Muldoon.

Muldoon used to occasionally ban journalists from attending government press conferences, but Clark is much worse. She wants to outlaw any substantive criticism of government for one third of a government's term.

Which is worse? Says Perigo:

Sir Robert, as a WW2 vet, had way too much respect for the freedom of speech for which men fought and died ever to entertain an abomination like the Electoral Finance Bill. He never harboured the incipient desire Helen Clark has for perpetual rule in a one-party state...

LINK: Text and audio of Lindsay's comments here: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Lindsay Perigo.


  1. It is a huge disgrace to the Muldoon Family Name to be linked to the unusual Miss Clark .

  2. Unusual is right. Unusual goes for her "consort" as well.

  3. The comparison is unfair...

    Muldoon at least had a sense of humour and the ability to use wit...

  4. The comparison is indeed an insult to Sir Robert.


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