Wednesday, 1 August 2007

July mini-stats for Not PC

The top fifteen searches landing here over the last month (with duplicates deleted) shows more than a few people being more than a little nosy . . .
  1. not pc
  2. becky dublin
  3. falafulu fisi
  4. bill joy founder of sun microystems aardvark
  5. sweden jim peron americans ilv
  6. pc blog cresswell
  7. robert winefield
  8. interest rates
  9. broadacre city
  10. anarchy
  11. breakup songs
  12. evening fall of day
  13. piri weepu
  14. heineken mini keg
  15. peter cresswell
Top fifteen referrals for July (thanks everyone):
  1. Google
  2. Kiwiblog
  3. PC.Blogspot.Com
  4. Libertarianz.Org.NZ
  5. Yahoo
  6. NZ Conservative
  7. Bloglines
  8. Lindsay Mitchell
  9. SOLO
  10. Whale Oil
  11. Mulholland Drive
  12. Fundy Post
  13. Cactus Kate
  14. No Right Turn
  15. Public Address

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