Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Clark house - Henry Yorke Mann

The Clark residence by Henry Yorke Mann, another example of organic architecture--as are most of the examples of architecture you see posted here at Not PC. You can learn more about Mann at his website, and more about the house here.

Mann is another architect featured at the Italian web portal for organic architecture created by Carlo and Carmino Sarno, an Amici dell' Architettura Organica--that is, a friend of Organic Architecture.

What's organic architecture? It's the opposite of those sterile boxes featured here earlier today. As Carlo and Carmino put it, it's architecture that starts from within; architecture that is a grace rather than a disgrace to the landscape; architecture that is concerned with space and light and human delight rather than in fitting a style book or a straitjacket or in making a good magazine picture.

It's architecture that is intended primarily for living in, not just for looking at; architecture that is integrated with its occupants and its site; architecture that (as Frank Lloyd Wright put it), has style, but is not of a style: architecture that makes human life more natural and nature more humane.

You can find more on the principles of organic design here at my own site.

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